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We’re a boutique management consultancy formed by a team of experienced professionals with diverse industry experience seeking to create more fact-based, dynamically informed and shared strategy for brand leaders.

Two passions drive our success: exploring new ways to mine complex data to provide analytical forward-looking insights, and designing new methods for partnering with clients to empower them to own and apply the insights to their brands.

We work with our clients to create possible growth scenarios for their brands, identify growth pathways, and reveal insights to choose and successfully apply their growth strategy.

Industry Experience

We have a proven method for brand strategy formulation, powered by the application of System Dynamics modeling and selected aspects of its theoretical foundations. Our team has done this successfully in several industries, including:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Care
  • Retail

Our Reach Is Global

Our clients are global and so is our work. Given the collaborative nature of our methods, we often spend part of our project on-site wherever a client may need us. This becomes a necessity when we run our proprietary workshops designed to facilitate cross-functional dialogue among client teams. Here, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. And although our workshops begin in one location, their impact often spreads across a brand’s entire global network.

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  • On-Site
  • Off-Site
  • Vittorio | Founder


    After my Mph in System Dynamics, I was the third employee to join a start-up management consulting firm based in London. I worked there for 10 years, first with focus on pharma and healthcare, and then building and leading the consumer practice.


    Brand foresight is critical to winning brand strategies. It is not about data only, and it is not only about intuition. Good brand foresight relies on finding the optimal balance. This belief, and the desire to improve how these two elements can be merged to deliver stronger strategies, led me to found Foresight Associates.

    At Foresight, I explore new ways of applying forward-looking analytics to support brand strategy, and continuously design workshops and approaches to improve how we channel and leverage our clients’ knowledge. Seeing these two things come together is what keeps me going and makes us successful.


    Most of my time outside of work is with my two young children and my wife. Sailing and Italian culture are my other two passions. I am an old fashioned windsurfer, resisting peer pressure to switch to kite surfing. And I am the President of the Italian Cultural Center in the Twin Cities. Favorite film: The Big Blue. Favorite quote: “Life is the art of meeting people” by Vinicius de Moraes.

  • Dave | Advisory Partner


    I studied physics to doctorate level before becoming  interested in simulation within the energy sector working on clean coal technologies in the UK. This interest led to business school education, where I discovered the power of System Dynamics as a management tool while at the BBC World Service. Now I have 15 years of consulting across a variety of sectors followed by particular domain knowledge in consumer goods, defense and aerospace and pharmaceuticals.


    I have a firm belief that different industries, corporate functions and government policy areas can all benefit from cross fertilization of ideas, problem solving techniques and frameworks; particularly using systems thinking and simulation. I have been fortunate enough to work across a broad range of industries and Foresight has been the perfect opportunity to bring them to bear on strategic marketing and brand management engagements. I am proud to have contributed to the creation of Foresight’s foundational approaches.


    I am UK based with my family, close to England’s original capital Winchester. Looking after livestock has been my latest interest and education. I also continue to provide consulting beyond strategic marketing with DAS Ltd. A useful quote: “Everything in moderation, including moderation” – with variations attributed to many individuals, including Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and for me, my father.

  • Nick | Project Manager


    Prior to joining foresight I was Undergraduate Finance Major at the University of Saint Thomas. After a few Financial Management internships, I desperately wanted to get into a more dynamic and analytically stimulating career field, I was drawn to Foresight because of the opportunity to have an immediate impact even as an intern and a work in an environment that empowers employees to use their own abilities and creativeness to build analysis.


    I first joined Foresight as an intern, took a full time position and have since moved up. My first impression of 4Sight was awe, I was amazed by the analytical capabilities and global reach of the company, Vittorio brings a lot of experience and innovative ideas to the table that make you see the marketing world from unique and insightful angles. Innovation is the 4Sight competitive advantage and management does great job of cultivating young minds and creating a collaborative atmosphere that drives innovation and new ways of thinking. Each day brings new projects, challenges and opportunities, nothing is more rewarding than finishing a project and knowing you added value to the client.

    Since I started working at Foresight I have done everything from the technical side of segmenting consumer markets, to traveling internationally to train clients how to use Marketing Models. One of the things I enjoy the most about working at Foresight is the diversity of the work, I rarely find myself doing the same thing for more than a couple weeks. My favorite memory since I started working at Foresight was going to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo after a week long workshop. If you ever go to Tokyo it is a must!


    I love to travel, explore, and spend time with family friends. Currently, I am expecting a baby boy with my wife and excited for our family to be growing! My favorite hobby is Skiing and I try to get out to the Rockies whenever I can.

  • Nicholas Schaefer – Junior Associate

    I joined Foresight the summer after graduating from college in 2017. I majored in Industrial Systems and Engineering and minored in Statistics the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I had always been interested in the practical application of statistics in professional sports, and I liked the idea of finding a job where I could work with numbers in a similar way.

    After considering a job in which I would have been moving around the country every few months, I was lucky to find an open Business Analyst position at Foresight, where I could stay home in Minneapolis. When I came in for my interview, I immediately knew I would fit right in at Foresight. I enjoyed that the office was casual (I get to bring my dog, Porter, to work with me!), but I could tell that work was getting done too. I learned that the company is committed to investing in their employees and fostering a positive work environment, two aspects that have proven true in the almost two years I worked here. I have since been promoted to Junior Associate, and I am excited about the future of the company and my place within it.

    The work I do at Foresight is exactly the type of work I was looking for when I began job hunting. The analysis we do is project based, each project answering a different specific question a client has. You are rarely spending multiple days doing the same task and it often requires thinking critically and creatively to answer questions. We primarily work in client databases and Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, but I have recently had the opportunity to work with new software like SPSS and Amos. The small office means even new or young employees get to experience the full journey of a project, and get full credit for the quality of their work. It also means opportunity to travel if the work requires it – I was able to travel to Thailand in the spring of 2018 to help with a workshop.

    When I am not at work, you can usually find me watching sports, playing video games, or enjoying the Twin Cities brewery scene. My girlfriend and I got a Lhasa Apso named Porter from the Animal Humane Society in the fall of 2018, so that is a constant adventure. I am currently looking forward to my annual trip to my family’s cabin, and just generally enjoying the summer weather.

The Faces Behind Foresight Associates

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  • Collaborate

    We strive for a relaxed, collaborative and creative office where we help and support each other. Why? Because we know that everyone’s contribution is vital to our collective success: individual output rarely surpasses team efforts.

  • collaborate image
  • Grow

    We strive for a healthy work-life balance to foster personal and professional growth. We do not shy away from health debates, and believe that growth comes from the willingness to seek and give advice, to question approaches: conversations are the place where the seeds of innovation sprout.

  • collaborate image
  • Lead

    We get our hands dirty. That’s what real leaders do: lead by example, regardless of seniority. Leadership is earned through vision, inclusiveness and integrity you bring to the team.

  • collaborate image
  • Deliver

    Time is a deadline business, not a 9 to 5. We get the job done and then measure ourselves by the quality of our work–period. Our reputation is the foundation of our business, and we build it by adding value for our clients and by accelerating their success.

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Part One: Analytics


Data is everything. Unless you know it's just the beginning.

We believe that brand foresight must be grounded on facts. We avoid the averages of aggregated data and instead often work with raw data to reveal true insights, from household panel data to consumer tracking studies.

We have our own way to look at data, which brings the discipline of System Dynamics into the marketing realm. Think of it this way: much like the level of water in a bathtub, consumers are viewed as reservoirs whose level can be changed only by acting on the in-flows and out-flows. Since marketing plans impact consumer flows—not the reservoirs themselves—our strategy work helps identify the high-leverage consumer flows for a brand, or portfolio of brands, and provides insights on how to activate these flows. This ultimately results in stronger brand plans and aligned growth targets.

Read a case study of how a deep look at consumer data exceeds the traditional metrics of consumer loyalty.

Part Two: Dynamic Modeling

Dynamic Modeling

Unforecast the future.

We believe that a brand’s future performance is in the hands of its marketers and strategists as they develop a brand vision. In other words, forecasting brand performance is a contradiction in  terms. However, expectations about the brand’s future greatly influence today’s marketing actions, which is why developing good brand foresight is important.

We use System Dynamics modeling to project deep data-driven insights into the future. Think of it as taking a series of consumer snapshots—behaviors inherently from the past—and transforming them into a series of frames that create a movie representing the past, present and future. Based on the clues that our modeling provides, our clients are able to rehearse possible futures for their brands, ultimately leading to a clear vision of how to grow.

Read a case study of how Dynamic Modeling has enabled our clients to realize their chosen strategic path.

Part Three: Collaboration


The best answers begin with better questions.

Our ability to work effectively with clients, in a variety of formats and contexts, is a key component of what we do, not just about how we do it. Our flexibility allows us to go beyond consumer or shopper modeling into what we call Business Modeling: the ability to look at the brand in its entirety, filling data gaps with client knowledge, ultimately enabling us to tackle tough questions that cannot be addressed by normal research.

We strive to find new impactful ways to work together with our clients, to make best use of their knowledge and to create shared clarity and confidence on the results.

Our method has resulted in a number of proprietary frameworks for engaging workshops which add value at different stages of brand planning, from situation assessment to initiatives validation, through the application of our STRAP model and approach, allowing to stress test Annual Brand Plans ensuring that they have a good STratgic fit with the strategic objectives, address possible Risks, are Adequately funded and Prioritized.

Part Four: Impact


First impressions are powerful. Lasting impressions, even more so.

We are strongly committed to nurturing and balancing our three core competencies of Analytics, Dynamic Modeling and Collaboration. With our abilities optimized and in balance, we deliver real and lasting impact to our clients in the following areas:

Brand and Portfolio Growth Strategy:
We apply our Growth Levers approach to support dynamically informed and shared strategy.

We conduct scenario, brand plan and ideation workshops to merge your knowledge and your data, which validates and strengthens your brand plans.

War-gaming and Microworlds:
We create and deploy computerized business games that replicate your brand challenges in a risk-free environment to embed your core marketing principles and strategic vision within your teams.

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Although our work is global, we pride ourselves of supporting local charities benefiting our communities. Here is a list of organizations that we have sponsored during the years:

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